Software Created
by Magic-Mouse

As a developer i make software, both for the internet and programs for computers. In most cases i make programs that makes my life on my computer easier for me. My newest program is this CMS that this website is running on. For more information about SE CMS.

I can make your life easier too

If you need software made, i can make it for you. Im specialized in small enterprise applications, for online and offline use. Weather you need a program to calculate information for you, a website to present your company in a presentable fashionable way (and correct way), or advanced web applications, contact me and we have a talk about your needs.

Guidance and advice

Alot of people and companies that have to buy programmed products seldom knows what they get them selves in to.

I can give guidance to what to look out for and what to be care full of, traps and not thought of common mistakes, and a help to order a better product that fits the needs you have. Feel free to contact me and have a talk about what i can do for you.

Web software