A small list of web pages that belongs to friends, pages that i use my self or pages that i think deserves my support. All of them are of good quality and should atleast be vissited once because i think that they contribute to a better world wide web.


Links to close roleplay friends or sites that i personally supports.



Development tools

It is highly recomended that before you start out asking about your design, to check with these tools. It makes it easier for people to comment on something clean and standard insted of something messy.

Tools for webdesign. Sites that i use for references when building websites and designing them.

For the cunning regex developer there is a tool to verify, it is pretty good, and i use it alot.

Development tools - A "readers digest" of a must have over all envoirement.

Graphic Elements - Many people lack the skills, and/or dont have time to do graphics. Lucky for us there is some kind people sharing their skills with us.